Personal Information:


Name: Reza


Last name: Khodabakhshi


Gender: Male


Marital Status: Married Nationality: Iranian


Date of birth: 7.JAN. 1969 Present Position:


1)Radiation Oncologist Consultant, Onco-geriatric


2) Direct Manager of Shafa Teb K Co


3) UICC Fellow & Reviewer




1. Radiation Oncology Department, Shahid Fayaz Bakhsh Hospital, (Social Security Organization affiliated) 7th km of Old Karaj Road ,Tehran ,Iran


2. Radiation Oncology Department, Boali Hospital (AUMS) Damavand St Tehran .Iran


Mobile phone: +98-912 199 1557


Telfax: +98-21-3325 0495


Email: این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید


این آدرس ایمیل توسط spambots حفاظت می شود. برای دیدن شما نیاز به جاوا اسکریپت دارید






1) PARIS VI UNIVERSITY: AFSA(Medical Oncology and Onco-geriatric)


DIU Onco-geriatric (Nov2007-Nov2008)


2) UICC Fellowship : Stereotactic Raditherapy in Brain Tumor ;


Royal Marsden Hospital ,London ,UK(Nov 2003)


3) SHAHID BEHESHTI UIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES- Radiation Oncology Board Certified (Second Position in National Board Examination) Tehran – Iran (1996-2000)


Third Position in Pre-board examination


4) GILAN UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE General Physician–Rasht -Iran(1986-1993)




1) SHAHID BEHESHTI UNIVERSITY OF MEDICAL SCIENCE Research Methodology Workshop,(1week)1999


3) Brachytherapy Workshop, EMAM Hossien Hospital,Tehran Iran (Nov 1999)




Medical Paper Preparing–Tehran (2001) (3 DAY)


4) National Training Course on Medical Preparedness and Response to Radiation Emergencies Part 1 (IAEA,NOVIN ,M,I.AEOI)Tehran ,Iran ,2-6,Oct,2004


5) National Training course on Radiation Protection and Radiotherapy, Part 2 (IAEA,AEOI,Novin Medical Institute)Tehran ,Iran,5-9 March 2005


6) IMRT Course, Heidelberg ,Germany,March,2006




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3-Irradiation and Chemoirradiation of Lung :Nuclear medicine and oncology congress May 2002 – RASHT- IRAN
4-Radiotherapy In Thyroid Cancer: Nuclear medicine and oncology congress May 2002, RASHT IRAN
5-Treatment of Wilms Tumor: 26
th congress of Iranian association of surgeon –ISRO annual congress,12-16 May 2002, Tehran, Iran


6-Manegment of Met static Prostate Cancer: 28th congress of Iranian association of surgeon 12-16 May 2004, Tehran,Iran


7-Descriptive Epidemiology and Prognostic Factors in Gastric Cancer at Fayazbahsh


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14-Treatment and Prognosis of ovarian cancer in Iran: 5 years, GYN congress, Tehran ,2-4


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15- Heterogeneity in DFS of Breast cancer; International breast cancer CongressTehran,


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18- McGill Quality of Life Questionnaire: Reliability and Validity of the Persian Version in Iranian Patients with Advanced Cancer:2th Palliative and supportive care congress ,Tehran, April 2009
19-Our Experience on Impacts of adjuvant Chemotherapy after MRM in terms of DFS ;Oral presentation ;Breast cancer symposium ;Oct 2009 ,Tehran 20-Management Of Metastatic Cancer :Panel Director ;Annual Iranian Association of Cancer Congress ;Tehran Nov 2010
21-Moleculear Pathology in Lung Cancer; Panel Discussion; Annual Pathologists Cancer Congress ;Tehran ;Oct 2011
22- Role of Different Adjuvant Chemotherapy after Surgery in Breast Cancer Patients: Historical Cohort Multi-centric Study ;Poster Presentation ;APCC ,Nov 2011,kulalampour Malaysia
23-Pnelist in Panel discussion ;End of the life issue ;Breast Cancer annually congress Jahad Daneshgahi,2013,Tehran Iran
24-Lecture oral presentation ; Highlights of St Gallen 2013 Updates regarding breast cancer ; annually congress of Iranian association of surgeon –ISRO annual congress, May 2014, Tehran, Iran


And ……..




1-Shahid Fayaz Bakhsh Hospital -Tehran, SSO,


Radiation Oncologist,Onco-geriartician, 2005march, till now
2-Managamant and Performing of medical project and Running of new department (Shafa Teb K co, Iran Pezeshk Co)


2-FFI of Oncology and Radiotherapy Tenon Hospital, Paris France(2007 –2008) 3-FFI of Oncology and Oncogeriatric(Geriatric Department)HEGP Hospital, Paris


France, May 2008-Nov 2008


4. Shohadayee Tagrish Hospital (Shahid Beheshti University),


Radiation Oncology Department (2000- Until 2005)


5. Madaean Hospital, Radiation Oncologist cosultant; Tehran ,Iran( 2000-2007)


6. Membership of Mortality Committee at Shohada Hospital(2001-2004)


7. 3rd Khordad Hospial ,Hemdialysis Section ,Physician and manager , (1994-1995)


8. Shahid Marefizadeh Hospital ,Emergency Room, General Physician , (1993-1994)